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Our #1 focus is creating efficient and seamless identity management and ID print production solutions for every organization. CardExchange, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of software including online ID/credential management, ID card design and production software, Digital ID apps, online photo upload apps, card issuance, and visitor management.

With over 20 year’s experience in ID software solutions, you can be assured our products are not only meeting the market needs but supported by an expert team with years of experience in identity management. With over 100,000 licenses sold worldwide we are proud to serve a variety of markets which include a range corporate, education, and large-scale high security government facilities. Our scalable solutions ensure we can provide a solution that fits your unique needs.

We Help You Solve Common Problems

Card Issuance Problems

Having a solid card issuance workflow is helpful for making sure every step is taken before you hand the card or digital ID to your ID holder. How do you make sure all those steps are handled seamlessly and efficiently without missing a step? With CardExchange® Cloud Suite of products you can define all your busines rules and workflow to make sure that everything is automated. The struggle to keep the manual process out is real, but also communicating all your record and keeping real time updates to your back offices is essential to having a system where when you update one record, you update all. We solve these problems and get you streamlined so you can stop worrying about the details and focus on what matters, a perfect card issuance program.

Data Management Issues

Nearly all organizations recognize the value in the data they hold, but a large percentage struggle with making sure the data has integrity and can be trusted. Ensuring all streams and types of data are defined, categorized, easily accessible, and reliable is essential. The growing and changing needs of an organization need to be able to adapt quickly to new rules or workflows. Creating centralized data management for your card holders is also important for keeping up-to-date information, archiving old records, and having access with any device for your IT is essential. Organizations reap the benefits of data management if they have a set of well-defined goals and expectations for their card issuance program. We can show you how to make sure your card holder data is managed in an effective, automated way.

Integration Needs

Why is integration needed? When you integrate your card issuance solution with your back offices, you can instantly update every system such as access control, employee databases, etc. In addition, when you combine the need for real time card statuses, you can understand why real time data is essential. Having  a card holder block their card and instantly updating your access control system is essential to your security and keeping unwanted visitors out. Using our software to integrate with your system will give you peace of mind that your data integrity in all systems is superior.

Identity Solutions Made Easy with Our Core Products


Identification management, secure issuance, photo upload with automated approval, and secure data management has never been easier with out CardExchange® Cloud Suite products. Step into the future with our cloud solutions.


Meet today's demands for mobile credentials by enhancing your card issuance program with Digital & Virtual IDs by using our CardExchange® Stand App.


CardExchange® Producer gives you all you need to create and print your perfect ID card. From easy-to-use card creation wizard to encoding technology cards, we have you covered. With standalone and network licensing, combined with user and group profiles you have a powerful feature rich solution enabling printing anywhere on your globale network with centralized data. 


CardExchange® PriceTag makes creating the perfect display labels easy and affordable. Using plastic display labels are hygienic and easy to clean. CardExchange® PriceTag is a seamless system for printing a professional, hygienic and durable label in quick and easy steps.

The Power of Your Identity

The Role of Identity in
Your Card Issuance Program

Identity matters. In the world of identity management, everything starts with the person. Defining the right ID issuance and management solution means understanding the people you are serving. Here at CardExchange®, we appreciate the need to help make a personable solution to be inclusive for all.

We invite you to take a look around at our solutions  to help you create the perfect solution for your organization. Never underestimate, the power of one's identity. Let CardExchange® help you find the right solution today.

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