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CardExchange® Visitor

CardExchange® Visitor Management software allows your organization to take maximum control of your visitors and minimize security risks. In a few steps we make it easy to register, authorize, manage, and track visitors. Get complete control over your organization's visitor management processes by offering a variety of features built specifically to suit the needs of your organzation!

The intuitive interface of the CardExchange® Visitor software has a Microsoft® look and feel, which makes it easy for you to navigate the software. The software has lots of features to manage every step in the visitor process. You have all the power you want without the complexity of managing visitors.

Visitor Feature Highlights

  • Sign Documents

  • Badge Designer

  • Biometrics

  • Event Setup

  • Reporting

  • Visitor Profiles

Visitor Registration

CardExchange® Visitor Management Software is first in class. Visitor helps your organization optimize the process of your visitor: from the moment the visitor registers till the moment they leave. The software allows you to identify, authorize, produce a badge, and track the entry and exit of your visitors.

Visitor Watchlist

Keep your employees safe with the use of our watch list feature. You can create an internal company watch list, or your organization connect our software to a third party application to check government criminal databases. If a visitor is on a watch list, you will be notified when registering the visitor.

Evacuation Reports

To secure the safety of your employees and visitors, you can use the 'Evacuation Reports' feature. With this feature your organization can create an on demand emergency evacuation report of all individuals in the building in an efficient and fast way. The report can both be printed or sent via email to designated individuals.

Sign Documents

The software comes with custom templates, which gives you the ability to print documents for visitors to sign. For example: on-disclosure agreement, company policy agreement, or any other document that the visitor must agree to in order to proceed with sign-in.

Event Management

CardExchange® Visitor has tools for event management and allows your organization can easily create and manage multiple events. Each event can have an organizer, multiple hosts, and invitees. Follow from beginning to end: from adding details such as start and stop time to set a badge expiration date.

KIOSK Application

The Kiosk feature provides an easy-to-use touch screen interface for visitors. It's a fast and secure method for simplifying the visitor check-in process. With this feature your organization can reduce lobby congestion and ensure on-time visitor arrival to appointments and events.

Compare Our Editions

Our comparison chart is an easy way to select the perfect edition right for you.
Whether you have an entry level or a high technology application, we have scalable products to meet your needs.
Select a category tab to see a list of features.

    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Multiple Languages
    Local License
    Network License Available (SBS) - -
    Support * Limited Limited Limited
    Application Type Desktop Desktop Desktop
    OS Support Windows Windows Windows
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Create and Edit Visitor Records
    Visitor Registration
    Visitor Check In & Out
    Pre-defined Visitor Record Lookup Filters
    Returning Visitors Lookup
    Visitor Blacklist Option
    Issue & Print Visitor Badges
    Visitor Auto Check Out
    Purge Visitor Data
    Visitor Badge Expiration Date -
    Visitor Pre-Registration -
    Vehicle License Registration -
    Visitor Groups -
    Batch Check In and Out Groups -
    Automatically Check Duplicate Visitor Registration -
    Import CSV File for Visitor Groups - -
    Alert and Notify Defined Person(s) w/ Call for Help Button - -
    Visitor History of all Previous Photos Taken - -
    Visitor Screening w/3rd Party Criminal Database Check * - -
    Require Document(s) Signature Prior to Check-In - -
    Load Unlimited Documents (NDA, Safety Procedure, Etc.) - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Create Events -
    Assign Host(s) -
    Pre-Register Visitor for Event(s) -
    Pre-defined Event Lookup Filters -
    Define Event Start & End Date -
    Define Event Start & Stop Time -
    Allow Early Check-In to Event -
    Confirm/Deny Incidental Check-In(s) -
    Event Lookup & Selection at Check-In -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Customize Application Layout
    Customize Record Lookup Fields
    Customize Field Labels -
    Customize Column Attributes -
    Format Fields (Picklist, Required Fields, etc.) -
    Create Visitor Group(s) -
    Define & Setup Buildings - -
    Define & Setup Lobbies - -
    Define & Setup Meeting Rooms - -
    Set Building and Lobby Location(s) - -
    Set Building and Lobby Filters - -
    Set Building and Lobby Check-In Options - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    SMTP Integration - -
    Email Template CreatoR - -
    Pre-Register Visitor Confirmation AND Invitation wITH Barcode - -
    Guest Arrival Email Notification upon Check-In - -
    One-Click Email Evacuation Report - -
    One-Click Email Evacuation Report to Host - -
    One-Click Email Notification Suspicious Visitor Alert - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Create-a-Badge WITH Step-by-Step Wizard
    Editable Sample Badge Templates
    Enhanced Options for Text, Image, & Drawing Objects
    Content Alignment Tools
    Enhanced Border Property Options
    Image Opacity Masking
    Resize Font to Fit Feature
    1D Barcodes
    2D Barcodes (QR Code, PDF417, etc.) -
    Background Image Removal -
    Unlimited Badge Layouts per Template - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Directshow Webcam Support
    Image Tools Editor
    Canon Camera Support
    Signature Capture Support -
    Automatic Face Recognition / Face Crop -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Customizable View of Visitor Record List (Data Grid)
    Filter and Sort Record List by Column Data
    Import and Export Database Records -
    Import and Export Database Images -
    MySQL Database Integration - -
    MS SQL Server Database Integration - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Login Feature -
    Create User Profiles with Permissions -
    Temporary Block Users -
    Customize Interface per User -
    Hide Database Access per User -
    Create User Groups - -
    Create User Group Profiles with Permissions - -
    Assign and Remove Users To and From Group(s) - -
    Customize Interface per Group - -
    Hide Database Access per Group - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    One Click Evacuation Report
    View, Print, and Export Reports -
    Visitor History Report -
    Pre-booked Visitors for Event Report -
    Visitor Events Logging -
    Lobby Events Logging - -
    Top Visitor Report - -
    Support Custom Visitor Report Plug In - -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Print to Windows Printers
    Single and Double Sided Printing
    Magnetic Encoding
    UV Panel Printing -
    Features ENTER STANDARD Business
    Store ID Image / Photo / OCR to Visitor Record -
    Automatic Visitor Record Lookup wITH ID Scan -
    Automatic Population of Visitor Record wITH ID Scan -
    Automated Visitor Check-In & Out wITH ID Scan -
    Automated Visitor Check-In & Out wITH BarcODE -
    Lookup / Display Visitor Event wITH Barcode Scan -
    Frequent Visitor Check-In/Out Using Assigned Barcode -
    Automatic Visitor Record Lookup wITH Barcode -
    Automatically Lookup Visitor Record wITH Fingerprint - -
    Automatically Check-In & Out Visitor wITH Fingerprint - -
    Store Fingerprint Template / Image to Visitor Record - -

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