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CardExchange® Stand Self-Service Portal and App

An efficient enrollment process cannot be without mobile integrations. Introducing the CardExchange® Stand, a self-service portal that works in conjunction with our CardExchange® Controller and provides your users with quick and easy access to their account using a phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

Allowing the users to verify their personal details, upload their photo, and manage their ID status improves security and prevents unwanted activity. In full enrollment including fullfillment, your users can easily activate their ID when received, without making the trip to a service desk for activation. During the high volume enrollments, for example Universities, the CardExchange® Stand offers the most effective solution to smoothen your enrollment process by including your users and make them a part of the system.

Stand Feature Highlights

  • Self -Service Portal

  • Digital and Virtual ID

  • Real-Time Data

  • Photo Capture

  • ID Document Upload

  • Report ID Status

  • Update Information

Self-Service Portal

A common issue among organizations is the long lines that can occur during enrollment periods. With CardExchange® Stand, you can help to eliminate these lines by empowering the user to upload their own photo through an App on their phone. Then an operator can verify and approve within CardExchange® Controller. If you will be printing a physical card for the end user, then you can send them a notification through CardExchange® Stand when their card is ready to be picked up.


Through the CardExchange® Admin center, you can define how you want each of your different digital IDs to look. You can automatically change the digital ID layout based on a profile for example a different layout based on a teacher vs. a student. Within the design process, you are able to change the color of the background and text on the top, middle and bottom of the digital ID. You can also choose to show your logo, a 1D or 2D barcode. We have added a GIF image as added security and prevention of screenshots.

Photo and Document Upload w/Automatic Approval

As with many organizations, your card holder base can be quite large. When someone uploads a photo, how do you know that it is the correct person? You can have them upload an approved ID document and our system will automatically compare their photo against it, ensuring you always know you have the right person. You can set automatic photo approval for photos with a matching percentage you define. For example, photo comparison to their ID document can automatically be approved with any match with over 75% confidence. You can also set that any photo with less than 75% matching percentage has to be manually approved. You can also have them upload a signature image, capture a signature, and they can update their contact information, birthdate, etc. Allowing the user to participate in correct data ensures your back offices always have the latest information.

Digital & Virtual IDs

Using a virtual or digital ID can allow you to roll out your IDs faster than any card production and mail or pickup service. By using the CardExchange® Stand App you  can have the perfect solution. Whether you want to do away with ID cards altogether or enhance your card issuance program with adding digital or virtual IDs, CardExchange® Stand enables you to have the best of both worlds. Virtual IDs present with your own personalized look and feel from colors, logos, and more.  Using a virtual ID the user can show their Active ID status easily. Using a virtual ID allows you to quickly deactivate any person instantly and block entrance into your facility. We are currently due (summer 2022) to have support for the HID® Mobile and Salto Digital IDs. Using the Digital ID to work with those access control system and readers brings the ultimate power to not only providing a digital credential but controlling access and movement around your facility with a touch of a button.

Real-Time Data Updates

The ID status functionality adds an additional level of security as cards can be produced and distributed before they are activated. Until the card is activated it will not work with any of your back offices when using a API connector in combination with contactless cards or Digital IDs. Only when the card is received by the cardholder, can the cardholder activate the card. This ensures the card is activated and used by the correct person. For extra security, the user can temporary deactivate the ID or block it should they lose the card. Having up-to-date card holder status is essential to keeping people out of your facility that should not be there.

Automatic Account Creation

Within CardExchange® Controller, the person can be set up to automatically receive an email with a login account and instructions, so he or she can directly login and have access enabling fast roll out of your card issuance system. Expedite obtaining all the information you need from your users to get them up and running efficiently and quickly. Users can directly update and verify all their account details enabling administrators to make sure they have the highest data integrity and reducing wasted time and processes.

Want to see how it works?

If you are interested to see how this all works, our Cloud team is happy to schedule a demo and take you to all the options, features, and possibilities of our CardExchange® Cloud Suite solution.

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