It started with a
different approach...

2 Developers, 1 support specialist, and 1 loud sales guy in a small office looking over the farmlands with views of grass and cows...

  • 2004

    April, 1st

    ExchangeIt (dba CardExchange) was incorperated and started it's business in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

    Coding, coding, coding...

  • 2004

    October 28th

    After months, weeks, hours, evenings, weekends, of coding, we released the first ever version of CardExchange® Producer, which was at that time just called CardExchange®. This version was developed at first for a project in the Netherlands involving a large petrol plant, and was only available in Dutch.

    We used CardFive SDK for the designer and license part at that time

  • 2004

    November 19

    We met up with the people from PPC in Cartes Paris as they where interested in our native connections for the large University in Australia and on this day we released our English translated version of the product so we can deliver this project. Upon today, they are still using CardExchange® for their card production!

  • 2006

    October 31

    Preparing for our first international show, we released CardExchange® version 2.0. This version embedded our own developed card designer to replace the CardFive SDK and we introduced the online activation based licensing system from SafeNet, which we still use up on today.

  • 2006

    November 7 to 9

    For the first time ever, CardExchange® was presented to the international ID market on Cartes 2006 in Paris. While the whole team was dressed up in orange tshirts, we showed the new development with several printer integrations.

    Building the distribution network has begun!

  • 2007

    November 9

    A couple of things happened during this release. Besides the preperation for Cartes 2007, this 2.7 release also introduced the NiSCA Entry edition. This edition was used by Team NiSCA to provide with their new ID card printer, the PRC-101.

    But there was more... Peedy our CardExchange® Guru presented as a parrot, was introduced to help explain the features and functions of CardExchange®. Based on the Microsoft Agent, Peedy has been a part of the product up until 2009, version 5.

    Remember the snorring of the parrot when the system was not used for a while...

  • 2008

    May 5

    The release of CardExchange® version 3. This major release transported us from the old 1.1 .NET Framework to the .NET version 2 Framework. We also introduced the Windows Vista style interface following the Microsoft Office looka and feel.

  • 2008

    October 31

    The same year we released version 3, we had to release a version introducing some major changes. The first one was the introduction of the Office style ribbon and the second was the introduction of inline MIFARE® DESFire EV1 encoding

  • 2009

    November 4

    We had to say goodbye to Peedy...

    When Microsoft introduced Windows 7, they also ended the support for the Microsoft Office Agent and so also Peedy had to retire. It was also the end of the support for Windows 2000.

  • 2010

    April 9

    We released version 6 which included a new edition, the Designer. This version was intended for the LATAM market as an in the box solution.

  • 2012

    June 5

    After 6 years, it was time to replace the card designer. We introduced the WPF based designer in version 7 with a complete new Office look and feel, including the famous ribbon. We changed from a single template with single or double sided printing, to allowing templates with multiple layouts or layouts with multiple pages. The interface was setup in a PowerPoint style.

  • 2013

    February 2

    The version 8 release was revolutionary for us. We introduced the eMarketing portal…make product advertisements within CardExchange®, also allowing them to set up a custom logo and link to their website.

    It had a page dedicated to this feature that was setup with an inbox containing the messages created. When a new promotion was created, the user would see a popup message informing them that there was a new message.

  • 2014

    March 24

    As we did before for NiSCA, on this date, we introduced a dedicated in the box version for Matica: The Matica GO edition.

  • 2015

    June 15

    A long time wish came true and after working the US market from ExchangeIt for many years, we incorperated CardExchange Solutions, Inc. and opened our first office in Brentwood California and we never left.

  • 2016

    January 1

    We always have been a one product company but in 2015 we started working on developing a new product, CardExchange® Visitor. The goal was to make create an application that easily could switch between card production and visitor management and we introduced the CardExchange® Gateway concept. Altough both products are now seperated, the installer still has this name.

    For the visitor management products, we defined 3 editions and released them one by one starting with the Enter edition on this day.

  • 2016

    August 30

    We obtained our trademark certficate for CardExchange®

  • 2017

    April 4

    We officially released CardExchange® version 10 at ISC West including a single interface with Producer as well Visitor integrated.

  • 2019

    January 23

    We officially released the first vesion of our CardExchange® Cloud Suite concept introducing a subscription and SaaS based ID card management service including the self-service portal.

  • 2020

    December 25

    We got awarded to implement the CardExchange® Cloud Suite solution within one of the largest Universities in the United States rolling out in 14 different countries.

  • 2021

    February 19

    The official release of the Admin Center. The Admin Center is the configuration service for the CardExchange® Cloud Suite. In the same month we also released the mobile applications for Stand, supporting iOS and Android. It could now be downloaded on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

  • 2022

    April 18

    18 years after the start of CardExchange® on April 1st, 2004, we launch a new company profile and vision and mission statement putting the ID central introducing "The Power of your Identity".

    Including the release of our new websites with dedicated information, better shop expirience, and optimized support information.

  • 2022

    April 25

    Introducing the CardExchange® Cloud Suite at the NACCU show in St. Louis to the North American University market with the integration and enrollment of digital ID's.

  • 2022

    After 18 years, every day we have more than 40,000 different users that start CardExchange® Producer to produce ID cards.

    Since the introduction of CardExchange® Cloud Suite we have implemented 19 projects, 9 have just been ordered and are scheduled for implementation, 4 have just been awarded, and 22 projects are in the bid... serving more than 1,8 million records world-wide, together with our new company profile release, stores, and support centers... 2022 is the new generation CardExchange® introducing "The Power of your Identity"

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