The Secret Lives of ID Cards: A Day in the Life of Your CardExchange® Creation

The Secret Lives of ID Cards: A Day in the Life of Your CardExchange® Creation


Have you ever wondered what happens to your ID card after it's printed by CardExchange®? While it may seem like a simple piece of plastic, your ID card has a secret life of its own. Join us as we uncover the fascinating journey and the adventures that your CardExchange® creation experiences throughout the day.

1.         Morning Commute: The ID Card's Travels Begin

As you grab your ID card and head out the door, little do you know that your card is about to embark on its own mini adventure. It travels alongside you on your morning commute, tucked safely in your wallet or lanyard, ready to make its debut at your workplace.

2.         Access Granted: Opening Doors and Unlocking Possibilities

Arriving at your workplace, your ID card comes to life as it interacts with various access control systems. It effortlessly grants you access to secured areas, unlocking doors and gates, and ensuring a seamless entry into your workspace.

3.         Building Connections: ID Cards as Networking Tools

Throughout the day, your ID card becomes a valuable networking tool. As you meet colleagues, clients, or business partners, you proudly display your card, instantly establishing your identity and facilitating connections. It becomes a conversation starter, forging relationships and sparking interesting discussions.

4.         Documenting Attendance: Keeping Track of Your Day

As you attend meetings, conferences, or training sessions, your ID card diligently records your attendance. Whether it's through scanning or digital tracking systems, your CardExchange creation becomes a reliable witness, ensuring accurate documentation of your professional engagements.

5.         Time for Fun: ID Cards at Social Events

Outside the workplace, your ID card still finds a way to be part of your social life. It joins you at company events, team-building activities, or parties, playing a role in ensuring a smooth registration process and providing a sense of identity and belonging.

6.         End of the Day: Resting for New Adventures

As the workday draws to a close, your ID card settles down for a well-deserved rest. It may spend the night on your desk, tucked away in your bag, or safely stored in a cardholder. It prepares for a new day of adventures and challenges that lie ahead.


Your CardExchange® creation leads an intriguing double life, quietly accompanying you on your daily journey while fulfilling its essential functions within your organization. From granting access to unlocking opportunities, it plays a vital role in your professional life, all while ensuring your security and identification.

Next time you hold your ID card in your hands, take a moment to appreciate the secret life it leads and the vital role it plays in your everyday experiences. And remember, CardExchange® is there every step of the way, creating ID cards that not only serve a purpose but also bring a touch of mystery and excitement to your daily routine.

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Marci Bathke

04 September 2023

04 September 2023

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